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Rand Charles is a writer of historical fiction who haunts the dusty archives, cozy pubs, and nickel and naugahyde cafés of Europe; researching, eavesdropping and pounding out copy on his next book.  Alternately, he lives a quiet life in the American Southwest with his wife and her sissy little dog.  Fall Irmgard is his first full-length novel. Currently, he is working on sketches for a prequel.

Rand Charles Author Fall Irmgard
Fall Irmgard



by Rand Charles

”Fall Irmgard” by Rand Charles,

A compelling murder mystery and love story set in Occupied Paris.  During the Werhmacht’s first, well-mannered year, a conflicted German investigator falls in love with a conniving American murder witness in a story that avoids cliche’ and stereotype, weaving romance and intrigue through both the haute and heedless Cafe’ and Cabaret set, as well as a seamy, corrupt world of black marketeers, underworld gangsters, SS interlopers and Abwehr profiteers.

Rand Charles

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